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Visitor Parking at Klein Collins:
Visitors must park legally or are subject to being issued a citation by the Klein Police Department. Parking violations will be strictly enforced.

Student Parking Registration for 2017-2018:
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Upcoming Events at KC:
Check out our Upcoming Events page under Quicklnks to see more details about the going ons at KC. 

Klein Collins Campus Report Card:
Click here for the 2015-2016 School Report Card. For definitions, click here. Click here for our 2015-2016 Texas Academic Performance Report. To access the 2015-2016 Federal Report Card information, click here

KCHS IS A Closed Campus!
Students are not allowed to leave the building to retrieve items (school supplies, uniforms, lunch, etc.) from anyone outside the building. Only a student’s parent/guardian or sibling listed on their AGR card can make a delivery, and all deliveries must be brought to the front office.  Once parent/guardian or sibling identity is confirmed, students will then be called down to the front office to pick up their items. 

Excellence Without Compromise!

Parents and Students:

Registration Information:
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How to register for the new school year
Registration website
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Helpful tips for the registration website
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