Klein Collins Course Registration 2017-2018

Letter to the Parents

1. Review the Course Selection PowerPoint.

2. Complete the Four-Year Graduation Plan 

3. Review the list of potential classes for your grade level using the appropriate Course Selection Sheet below.

4. Complete the Course Request Form.  
5. Check prerequisites and learn more about class options by viewing the Course Catalog.
6. If applicable, complete the CTE Program Interest Forms.

CTE Approval Courses (Auto Tech, Child Guidance/Instructional Practices, Health Science, Pharmacy Tech, E.M.T., C.N.A., Career Prep, Cosmetology)

  • Please complete the google link below for consideration for these programs.  Completion deadline for Child Guidance/Instructional Practices, and Health Science programs is March 10, 2017.  There is a place for parent signature on this form – parents may use your stylus to sign on your tablet.

    You must be signed into your Klein google account to access this form.  If you have trouble accessing this account, please go to the TRC to reset your password.

Click here for the CTE Interest Form. 
New Students (including Private School): Call 832-484-5500 to request a registration appointment. If possible, please bring your completed Four-Year Plan and Course Request Form (Steps 2 and 4 above) as well as the registration documents with you.  Upon enrollment, you will meet with your counselor to select your classes.
2018-2019 Course Selection Opportunities