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PHOTO GALLERY: 4,271 Certifications Awarded During Annual Klein ISD CTE Signing Day

PHOTO GALLERY: 4,271 Certifications Awarded During Annual Klein ISD CTE Signing Day

Klein ISD celebrated its annual Career and Technical Education (CTE) signing day, recognizing 1,160 students across all five high schools for their outstanding achievements. Together, these students earned an impressive total of 4,271 certifications, highlighting their commitment to excellence in CTE pathways.

There are 54 pathways offered through CTE, including eight college pathways. All CTE Pathways extend core academics with a rigorous and relevant curriculum to help students identify their purpose. The district’s options span a variety of industries for students to choose from; whether a student is interested in Cyber Security or Animation, there is a pathway for them. Pathway learning allows students to test for and earn industry-based certifications. 

“Klein ISD CTE Signing Day & Awards Ceremonies are a celebration of our high school seniors' remarkable achievements and a testament to the hard work they've put into their futures,” Director of Career and Technical Education Deborah Bronner-Westerduin said. “These students have completed their CTE Pathway of courses, earning associate degrees, college certificates, and industry-recognized qualifications, paving the way for successful transition into college and career. We're incredibly proud of their accomplishments, whether they've secured job offers, been accepted into university programs, or enlisted in the military. Today, we honor their dedication and resilience, knowing they will continue to excel in whatever path they choose."

Family, friends, and mentors gathered to support students as they look ahead to their futures. Whether a student chooses to enter the workforce, complete additional college courses, or join the military, they will be able to do so with confidence and pride, knowing that the courses provided through Klein ISD have prepared them for what lies ahead. 

“As I entered high school, I never thought I would leave certified in multiple programs. When I first selected my endorsement, I was nervous about not knowing what I wanted to do in college. The one teacher who prepared me the most was no other than Mrs. Dala Smee, my sophomore interior design teacher,” Klein Collins senior Natalie Rall said. “Although I am not majoring in interior design, I would not have stuck with my major without her. She taught me the importance of having fun and making lasting memories. On signing day, it was exciting to see all of my friends get certified in fields that prepare them for their future careers. It’s sentimental to see everyone achieve their goals and do what they love.”

The categories of recognition are as follows:
Seniors who have completed a CTE College Pathway.
Seniors who have completed a CTE Pathway and are accepted into a college/university program aligned to their pathway of study. (Most pathways are four years.)
Seniors who have completed a CTE Pathway and earned recognized IBC credentials.
Seniors who have completed a CTE Pathway and have received a job offer aligned to their pathway of study.

Non-CTE – Seniors enlisting in the Military.
Congratulations, seniors! You have all done great work, and we cannot wait to see what each of you has in store.

See the full photo gallery for each high school below: 


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